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Jigsaw is carefully planned to give a balance of language and skills development practice and is ideal for teachers who enjoy experimenting with new ideas. All the activities presented in Jigsaw are designed so that you enjoy teaching as much as the children enjoy learning.Jigsaw's unique features include:* Lively and attractive seasonal activities - one for each key event in a child's calendar.* Fun and Games section offering an inexhaustible supply of ideas, which can be used and reused to support a variety of language points.* Time-saving blackboard visuals to help teachers organize and plan their lessons.* A variety of pre-reading tools using pictoral, symbolic and semantic information.* Flexible lesson plans which accommodate a variety of teaching styles.* A clear, systematic grammar and vocabulary progression throughout the series.* A progress check to monitor the children's physical, emotional and intellectual development.* End-of-unit evaluations which make it easy to identify children's achievements.


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Myriam Monterrubio

Jigsaw 2 Student'S Book. Kniveton, Julie. 9780333758533

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Jigsaw involves each student as part of a "home" group that becomes a specialist or expert on one aspect of a topic. "Students meet with members from other groups who are assigned the same aspect, and after mastering the material, return to the "home" group and teach the material to their group members (Reading Rockets, 2012). The jigsaw strategy involves each student's part acting ...


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