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Captured, abducted and married into Boko Haram, the narrator of this story witnesses and suffers the horrors of a community of men governed by a brutal code of violence. Barely more than a girl herself, she must soon learn how to survive as a woman with a child of her own. Just as the world around her seems entirely consumed by madness, bound for hell, she is offered an escape of sorts - but only into another landscape of trials and terrors amidst the unforgiving wilds of north-eastern Nigeria, through the forest and beyond ; a place where her traumas are met with the blinkered judgement of a society in denial. How do we love in a world that has lost its moorings ? How can we comprehend the barbarism of our enemies, and learn forgiveness ? Edna O'Brien's new novel pierces to the heart of these questions : and the result is her masterpiece.


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Edna O'Brien

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