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Water as a substanceRivers and lakes: their distribution, origins, and formsWater economyLight in inland watersFate of heatWater movementsStructure and productivity of aquatic ecosystemsOxygenSalinity of inland watersThe inorganic carbon complexThe nitrogen cycleThe phosphorus cycleIron, sulfur, and silica cyclesPlanktonic communities: algae and cyanobacteriaPlanktonic communities: zooplankton and their interactions with fishBacterioplanktonLand-water interfaces: larger plantsLand-water interfaces: attached microorganisms, littoral algae, and zooplanktonShallow lakes and pondsSediments and microfloraBenthic animals and fish communitiesDetritus: organic carbon cycling and ecosystem metabolismPast productivity: paleolimnologyThe ontogeny of inland aquatic ecosystemsInland waters: understanding is essential for the future


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Robert-G Wetzel

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Limnology: Lake and River Ecosystems, Third Edition, is a new edition of this established classic text. The coverage remains rigorous and uncompromising and has been thoroughly reviewed and updated with evolving recent research results and theoretical understanding. In addition, the author has expanded coverage of lakes to reservoir and river ecosystems in comparative functional analyses.


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